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WHAT'S GOING ON in and around Walthamstow Village

Visit this section to see details on what social events are planned.

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Walthamstow Village

Welcome to the Walthamstow Village guide. This website is all about what goes on in and around the area. Walthamstow Village is a wonderful place to live and socialise and has a fantastic community spirit.


Happy New Year to you all, and thank you for your support and emails over the last few years.

We are a non profit organisation and this site is run by me and my wife during our spare time. We both have full time careers to manage, and finding the spare time to update this website is proving to be challenging. We have decided to stop all activity on this site and only update the twitter feed. 

As we continue to receive over 5,000 visits a month this site will remain live as a source of resourceful information and only information on the existing pages will be updated as and when appropriate.


March 2014 update from the Deli

The Deli on Orford Road is a small friendly café, and sells delicious sandwiches and coffees and is now open Friday & Saturday evenings from 7pm till 11pm.
Bring Your Own Bottle, 2 course meal £10, 3 courses £13
Live music on Friday.
They will be providing a range of new and tasty dishes for the evenings.

Each month we will do our best to let you know what is going on in and around Walthamstow Village via our twitter account. There are so many diverse activities and events happening, from comedy nights to life drawing, and of course the live music scene. So take a look and be prepared to be entertained as only the Stow can.

Walthamstow Village is E17's hidden gem and is the historical centre of Walthamstow, the original Town Hall is found on Orford road along with an array of shops, bars, pubs and restaurants.

It is hard to believe at times that you are only a twenty-minute tube or train journey into central London.
Or if you fancy a little greenery Epping Forest is also only a walk or cycle ride away, boating at Hollow Ponds in the Summer is a lovely way to spend a couple of hours if the weather is permitting (followed by a cold pint in one of the local pubs).

There is a lot of history to be found in the area, the Vestry House Museum is a great place to go and find out about the local history of Walthamstow.

As each year goes by this area has become more and more popular with artists and each year Walthamstow holds an "E17 art trail". Where people open up their homes and businesses to show the public their displays of arts and crafts.